Thiral chooses top energy security proposals and high security standards, by creating complete exterior door systems, and delivers products of high aesthetics and fully operational applications to meet the needs of every possible spot of placement.

In collaboration with Schüco, Thiral offers you a complete combination of unique design and excellent functionality with the use ADS 75.SI and the implementation of Exclusive models or Classic models.

Extensive insulation zones, thermalbreak, excellent design and all the available optional accessories have ranked Schüco as the global industry leader in the manufacture of the main entrance doors.
With the ADS door systems design and functionality already being in perfect harmony, the addition of Thiral's Exclusive design or Classic designs advantages leads to an outstanding thermal coefficient, as a result of advanced technology of today's doors.

The final product can be combined with a number of available accessories, thus creating a highly functional result that may be compatible with intelligent or remote-control systems.

The high design specifications, materials and production process make Schüco system ADS 75.SI as one of the top market solutions in: Security, Thermal Insulation, Design and certified Quality, upgrade the energy identity and ensure the value of your place and your own safety and security.
Schüco ADS 75 SI
Maximum door dimension up to: 1400x3000 mm, adjustable
Security level: WK2
Profile depth: 77 mm
Three EPDM sealing rings
Insulation on profiles
Maximum permitted weight per sheet: 200Kg
5-point lock
External Hinge, anodising with standard one pin per hinge
Internal handle, anodising
Triplex glass
4+4 mm inside and out
Aluminum sheet
3mm outside, 2mm inside
Profile thickness 77
0,87 W/(m²K)