PRO 78
Thiral knows how to meet in the most complete way possible the security and insulation needs for an aluminum main entrance, offering specification certified end products, both of high aesthetic value and excellent efficiency. PROLINE is a complete proposal concerning an aluminum entrance thermal system operated with an excellent efficiency – quality – price.

The special design of thermal and of total depth 85mm aluminum profile, in combination with the three rubber seals, make the PRO 78 system especially efficient and functional.
With the PROLINE doors design and functionality already being in perfect harmony, the addition of Thiral's Panel advantages leads to an outstanding thermal coefficient, as a result of advanced technology of today's doors.

The final product can be combined with a number of available accessories, thus creating a highly functional result that may be compatible with intelligent or remote-control systems.
Maximum door dimension up to: 1155x2300mm, adjustable
Profile depth: 85 mm
EPDM sealing rings
Insulation on profiles
Internal stainless steel round rosette
External handle: 600mm
Heavy-duty triple hinges
Internal handle, anodising (inox 304)
Triplex glass
3+3mm inside and out
Aluminum sheet
3mm outside, 2mm inside
Profile thickness 77
0,87 W/(m²K)